img-20161205-wa0042DEANAMIC Linings & Mouldings was established in 2011 focusing on casting of polymer products, in 2013 January we launched our unique and innovative POLYHAMMER.

We have a good distribution footprint in South Africa and POLYHAMMER can be found nationally as well as in New Zealand.

Our aim as a company is to create innovative products which provide a real solution to everyday problems, through this thought process we launched POLYHAMMER.

Our vision
To use our innovative thinking to create employment, develop skills and make a difference.

Our mission
To manufacture the safest and strongest products on the market, by doing so we can increase our footprint which will help us to increase employment and make a real difference not only to our workforce but to society.

We are the pioneers of the new type of hammers, when we lead others follow!

POLYHAMMER is and always will be #MadeinSA #Boet.